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Candle Kits

Thinking of making a luxury scented candle for yourself, or as a gift for someone you love? A
Flora and Wick Candle Kit is what you need.

With five evocative themes to choose from, our kits are suitable for beginners and contain
everything you’ll need (including a simple step-by-step guide) to make two individual luxury
scented candles.

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Candle Kits

Each candle kit box contains:
2 x travel tin 100ml candle containers
2x 100g bags of soy wax
2 x glass bottles of scent
2 x cotton/linen blend wicks
2 x wick pads
2 x wick stabilisers
2 x fragrance labels
2 x circular labels to personalise
1 x set of instructions

All that you need is a saucepan and spoon/whisk to blend the fragrances.

We recommend that this product would be possible to make with an older child with adult supervision.

Prices start from £25 plus delivery charges.

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