About Me

Meet Flora and Wick creator, Ellie McCallum


Cardiff-raised Ellie has creativity running through her veins, that and candle wax!


After leaving Wimbledon School of Art, Ellie embarked upon a career in Costume Design making exquisite pieces for theatre, opera, television and film (Gladiator and The Mummy Returns) before family life and home-sewing took over.


During this time she developed a passion for craft fairs, junk shops and all things vintage which, in turn, led to an unhealthy bone china obsession.


Fast forward a few years, and whilst the sewing was still earning Ellie a crust, her thoughts turned to something more fragrant when her daughter asked for scented candles, in vintage teacups, for her 10th birthday party - finally the bone china fetish made sense.


A business seed was planted and, after relentless research and experimentation Flora and Wick was born.

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About Flora & Wick Candles

Made from natural, quality ingredients sourced in the UK, our candles are ethical, vegan and eco-friendly, and the majority of our packaging is recyclable.

Flora and Wick candles are created using Ellie’s unique combination of fragrance oils and are lovingly hand-poured, in small batches, in our Wiltshire workshop.

Made from sustainable plant wax (free from palm wax, beeswax, petroleum, pesticides and herbicides).  Our wicks are made from pure cotton and linen and are lead-free.

We use soy wax as it’s sustainable and clean burning.  It is perfect for candles as it burns slowly and holds onto the scent until the very end of the candle’s life.

Each candle is supplied with a care-guide, to ensure you get the best out of your candle.